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Gérard Dubourgel,
Dubourgel-Grange’s C.E.O


 ISO 9001 V 2000 certification
Download the certif sheet here (in french)



Established in Haute-Savoie in 1948 by Marcel DUBOURGEL and his wife Renée GRANGE, the initial craft company is specialized in the manufacturing of wooden wheels.

This profession being called to disappear, Marcel DUBOURGEL tries then to use his know-how and his machines for the other applications.
He soon obtains an order of wooden toilet seat.
Little by little, the company constitutes a clientele of sanitary wholesalers.

In the middle of the 50s, the customers begin to ask for plastic parts, Marcel Dubourgel draws an innovative toilet seat, buys a press and makes rea-

lize a first mould. It is a success.

In 1963, Marcel Dubourgel has to build to enlarge the company: it moves then in Fontaine (suburb from Grenoble). The era of the wooden parts is henceforth past....

In 1996, the Company settles down in new premises of 3300 m ² and in 1997, in the presence of his founders and of all his customers, it celebrates its 50 years of existence there.

In 2000, the surface of the factory is still enlarged to reach 4300 m ², then 5500 m ² in 2006...


The company today

Today, Dubourgel-Grange is one S.A.S. with a capital of 500 000 Euro. held by Yves and Gérard DUBOURGEL, it counts about sixty co-workers and realized 8,2 M of € of turnover in 2008.

Equipped with presses from 40 to 600 tons with manipulators and robots 6 axes, its business sectors are the sanitaryware, the medical and surgical sec-

tor, and the industry.

On July 29th, 2005, the factory was ISO-certified 9001 - V on 2000 by the TÜV.

The Dubourgel Grange Company masters its growth, becoming a leader in the area of Grenoble for its speciality.

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Dubourgel-Grange’s Company

Dubourgel Grange - A S.A.S with a capital of 500 000 € - ISO 9001 - A V2000 certified company

DUBOURGEL-GRANGE - 11, Rue d’Arcelle - F-38600 Fontaine
Phone : +33 (0)04 76 26 33 71 - Fax : +33 (0)4 76 26 15 84
email : indus@dubourgel.fr